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Kitchen Ministry

Our newly renovated kitchen and dining facility provides 3 meals a day to the guests at HRM.  We appreciate volunteers that partner with us to serve 100+ men at each meal. It’s a great opportunity for groups of 2-8 volunteers (though we can accommodate more if needed). Volunteers may help by serving in the food line, bussing tables, cleaning, other kitchen tasks and helping in our greenhouse. Between meal shifts there may be opportunities to do simple food preparation, cleaning and organizing.

  • Please notify us if you are interested in preparing a meal.

Time Commitment: Monday through Sunday

Breakfast 7:00am-7:45am

Lunch 11:30pm-12:30pm

Dinner 6:00pm-7:00pm

* We ask that our volunteers arrive 15-20 minutes before a shift.


Chapel Ministry

Chapel is a time for the guests at HRM to hear God’s word and receive encouragement to trust in the Lord Jesus through all life’s challenges. A variety of Spiritual Leaders in the community come to the Mission with a prepared message and/or music ministry that is approved by the Program Director.

Time Commitment: Chapel is daily from 5:30pm—6:30pm.  We request that chapel speakers are ready by 5:30pm. 



Our Facilities Manager leads a great team of HRM guests that have skills and experience in this area.  Depending on the skill level of volunteers, we have projects ranging from painting, landscaping, cleaning, and other carpentry projects, etc. We would love for you to be part of making our 4 story building a place of refuge for so many men that have fallen on hard times.

Time Commitment: As needed—based on the needs of the mission and availability of the volunteers.


We provide 1000+ men with vocational counseling with the help of our Case Managers, outside agencies and gifted volunteers. If you have training that would benefit the lives of our HRM guests we would love to partner with you!

Time Commitment: As needed—based on the needs of the mission and availability of the volunteers.


Volunteer Groups

Time Commitment: We work with volunteer groups and the different time limitations they may have. The best time for groups to come to the mission is Monday-Friday between 9am-2pm. Weekends are available upon request. We provide each group (if requested) a 20-30 minute tour of our building that should be factored in to the time commitment.

Having groups serve at HRM is an extremely important part of our mission, vision and values. Your presence at our mission brings life and love to each guest that walk up our 19 steps. There are a variety of ways a group of any size can serve the guests at HRM. Our appreciation for the volunteers that walk through our doors goes beyond words.

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