“Hope Rescue Mission has helped me survive day to day- I have learned to depend on the Lord on a daily basis. The Lord gives me the emotional and spiritual help that I need.”

“Hope Rescue Mission has given me a place to stay, to get my life in order, and is helping me stay drug free.”

“Hope Rescue Mission has helped me to get my health in order, my health is life threatening and they helped me do what I needed to do to stay in good health. I am very grateful because they have helped me stay at Hope Rescue Mission and they gave me the support and mentorship that I needed. If you wanted to get your life together, the right way, they will help you take the extra step. They have accepted me the way I am.”

“Hope Rescue Mission kept me from killing myself, gave me an option when I didn’t have any other options. Pastor Steve has been very supportive to me while I have been here and Hope Rescue Mission has given me the chance to pause and reflect on my life in a safe, and loving environment.”


Since 1894, Hope Rescue Mission has been a place of refuge for the homeless men of Berks County, PA. We offer four residential programs that men can work their way through to transition back into the community as productive and independent individuals.


Hope Rescue Mission
645 North Sixth Street
Reading, PA 19601
Phone (610) 375-4224


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