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When Blake H came up the 19 steps of HOPE, it wasn’t because he was struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, mental health issues, or coming out of incarceration… he had a good job with Amazon and had put his past drug issues long ago behind him. What he stated led him into homelessness was the rising cost of just about everything: gas, food, clothing (mainly for his two kids that he wanted to support even though they weren’t living with him), and even haircuts! The last straw was when the house he was renting was sold, and the new landlord raised rent by over 20%. 


Jason J experienced a similar issue when he contracted COVID and suffered from long COVID for several months. The fatigue, exhaustion, and other symptoms caused him to miss so much work that eventually he was let go. Having never been homeless before, the emotional trauma of coming to a shelter merely exacerbated his physical issues and he considered checking himself into a behavioral health center. But in his words, “God led me to HOPE… both in the literal sense (to the mission) but also to a place that has met all my needs until I was fully recovered.” Being fully recovered as of July, Jason was able to go back to his employer, Reading Truck and Body, where he’s welding again and training others.

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"When I'm working in the greenhouse, there are too many blessings to walk backwards."

Charles, a 27 year old Army veteran dealing with depression and PTSD, has found a place of peace and spiritual renewal at Hope Rescue Mission and working in the new greenhouse. He not only finds purpose in restoring his own life but enjoys growing fresh produce to nourish the other men living at Hope.

"I would love to continue to help others like Hope Rescue Mission has helped me!"


"I thought I had it all, but I lost it because of alcohol, and I was a mess, but I still thought I was okay."

At the age of 50, Julius found himself alone and at the door of Hope Rescue after losing everything due to his addiction to alcohol.  After working hard at a local rehab center, Julius returned to Hope and is focused on his recovery from addiction and building a new life for himself. 

For the past 6 months, Julius has helped us to increase our efforts in keeping a clean and sanitized building during the pandemic. He is happy for the job experience and for work that allows him to keep others healthy and safe. 

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