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"When I'm working in the greenhouse, there are too many blessings to walk backwards."

Charles, a 27 year old Army veteran dealing with depression and PTSD, has found a place of peace and spiritual renewal at Hope Rescue Mission and working in the new greenhouse. He not only finds purpose in restoring his own life but enjoys growing fresh produce to nourish the other men living at Hope.

"I would love to continue to help others like Hope Rescue Mission has helped me!"


"I didn't have a concept of what it means to have faith."

During his time at Hope, Keith has obtained his GED, enrolled in college, and has become an important part of our welcome center team. 


Most evenings you will find Keith working on college courses or helping the Welcome Center staff with new intakes. 



"I thought I had it all, but I lost it because of alcohol, and I was a mess, but I still thought I was okay."

At the age of 50, Julius found himself alone and at the door of Hope Rescue after losing everything due to his addiction to alcohol.  After working hard at a local rehab center, Julius returned to Hope and is focused on his recovery from addiction and building a new life for himself. 

For the past 6 months, Julius has helped us to increase our efforts in keeping a clean and sanitized building during the pandemic. He is happy for the job experience and for work that allows him to keep others healthy and safe. 


"One day, when I do walk out that door, I'll be able to say 'Boom, I got this'. God will still be carrying me, but I'll be alright."

After being born and raised in Reading, spending 10 years in the Army, a few jail sentences, and battling his addictions, Jonathan has found forgiveness from his past through his Savior! He lives a life that other men look up to and enjoys encouraging and teaching other men who are struggling. 

"I never thought I would be the one that people would come to for advice. You can't go wrong with advice from Jesus."



"Meeting and connecting with people and the position I'm in at Hope is a true blessing. I couldn't be happier."

When a long term relationship ended, Shawn found himself battling an addiction to alcohol and living in his truck. After spending weeks in the hospital, Shawn came to Hope and has been working toward rebuilding past relationships and maintaining sobriety. 

Shawn feels that helping others who are struggling with issues he once struggled with allows him to continue to focus on his sobriety and healing. 


"I found I had a calling when I realized I could help people just by lending an ear."

Manny was first introduced to Hope as a Thanksgiving day kitchen volunteer. Little did he know that a few months later he would find himself needing a safe place to stay. After a few months at Hope, Manny moved into his own apartment and was hired full time as our bilingual Intake Coordinator. 

Today, Manny is an important part of our growing Case Management Team. 



"All of the sudden, I didn't have the money I needed to live on."

At the age of 54, Chuck found himself unemployed, dealing with numerous health issues, and no place to live. He came to Hope and has been helping on our Facilities team. He is searching for employment while caring for current health issues.